Mary Ann Brewer Changing Lives One Relationship at a Time

Welcome to the Journey!

If you want to be safe and have fun with your horse, completely connected with peace and confidence,

You are in the Right Place!

Mary Ann teaching on Valentine

And that moment when becoming a better horsewoman also makes you a better all-around person! I would love to thank Mary Ann for her friendship, leadership, and for sharing her knowledge with me to help Princess and I have a better relationship. PS: I never thought I’d be riding my racehorse in a rope


Assistant Anesthesiologist

Mary Ann and I had a great time learning about horsemanship and “humanship” (myself)! I know my horses got a lot out of seeing me become a better leader and partner, by becoming clearer in my requests of what I ask of them, still have a lot more to learn and I am grateful to my friend and teacher for working in honesty with us.

Karen Shields

Retired School Teacher