7 Day Spooky Horse Challenge

Welcome to the Spooky Horse Challenge!  Here is where you pay $199. per person to participate! Use the Buy Now Button.

The Challenge runs for 7 Days
Beginning on October 12, 2019
Live Q&A on October 14, 2019
End October 19, 2019
But it never REALLY ends! This is just the beginning of a whole new horse-human relationship!


Here are all the details

The goal is to help your horse be connected to you and in communication with you even if he’s distracted or afraid.

This online workshop is suitable for horses of all ages and all disciplines and all skill levels.

You must be able to walk.  There will be no riding in this 7-day challenge and I recommend you do only the challenge for the next 7 days to give you both a chance at real change.


You’ll create the beginnings of a true two-way-street of communication where when things go awry, your horse comes together with you instead of going opposed, just like he would with his herd mates.

What you’ll need:

  • An email address – someplace to send the info.
  • An internet connection for the Live Q&A
  • If you want me to see you, you’ll need to bring video to the  Q&A (I’ll send you ALL the details about how to do that! – NO WORRIES)
  • I prefer you use a soft rope halter with a long (15-20 ft) rope like the one in the photo.  This is a homemade rope that could be a bit thin if you have a horse willing to pull on you. I used this one because my colt was young and he didn’t like my heavier yacht braid rope. A heavier rope with a bigger horse can be very helpful.
  • You won’t need a stick.
  • You’ll need a fence line (it’s ok if it’s a pasture fence) or an arena wall.
  • You’ll need dedicated time with your horse every day of the challenge.

What You’ll Get

On Tuesday, October 8, 2019, You’ll receive an email from me with ALL the videos, exercises and details and help for your video  .

On Friday, October 11, 2019, I’ll send you an invitation to join me on a live Zoom Q&A at 7 PM (EDT) for troubleshooting all of your questions and videos.  I’ll stay with you until every question is answered and every video is dissected.

Every day of the challenge you’ll get a supportive email from me to help you stay encouraged and thinking your way through!

You’ll get a whole new way to communicate with your horse.

You’ll get a softer, calmer, braver, more connected horse.

You’ll be able to understand your horse in a whole new way.

Your horse will understand you in a whole new way.

You’ll create a two-way-street of communication that will transfer to your riding if you do the work to transfer it.

Words of Encouragement!

I am 100% positive that everyone who takes on this challenge, every day and really watches and re-watches the videos, does the exercises, incorporates this new thinking into your body and your every day routine with your horse, comes to the Q&A, brings video, gets questions answered and learns from all this coaching,  will have a different, better, kinder, softer, more responsive and peaceful, relationship with your horse on October 20, 2019.

Join us!