Mary Ann Brewer Changing Lives, One Relationship at a Time



I Love making a difference every day, creating well adjusted, calm and happy horses and people who spend time in their company.

My own decades-long journey to this place took time and trial and error and I have so many ways to help people and horses skip over these painful and sometimes heartbreaking experiences.

What excites me most is working inside of principles instead of rules creating the opportunity for free-flowing improvisation, fun and even art inside of graceful relationships with these being that our dreams are made of!

Every horse and human combination are unique and that is what I love! Supporting every relationship to become harmonious and graceful, your special version of living and moving art. This is not, be like MaryAnn horsemanship, this is, be like you and your horse horsemanship, only the best version possible! 

When you are empowered by knowledge, experience safety and fun with your horses, you treat yourself better, communicate with your families and at work in more harmonious ways, contribute your skills to society, consciously and with grace and become willing and able to feel powerful!

Throwing out everyone else’s rules, you’ll become good at feel and timing and an ability to elicit a Yes from your horse and all horses! When you throw out the rules and begin to walk the middle path between being pushy and being a push over, your life of clarity with your horse will ignite into the dream you got this horse for!

Testimonials from For the Love of Horses™ Graduates

From all over the USA!

The best thing I’ve learned in my horsemanship journey is that the “rules” can come from me! I began my horsemanship journey with the purchase of my gelding 3 years ago, him as a halter broke 2 year old. We went through many challenges and I wound up using dominant methods due to fear of injury. What I wound up with was an unpredictable horse who reacted to my confusion and personal uncertainty because I was so focused on trying to figure out “the right thing”. Now, and with much help from Mary Ann, we have a relationship where I am confident enough in myself to decide what the right thing for us is, and brig him into the conversation until he agrees. It is a whole new world when we offer our horses a choice, and really listen to what they are saying. I don’t know about you, but I want a horse who wants to be with me as much as I want to be with him 🙂 

Stephanie Blank

North Dakota

Really enjoyed watching the Q and A from last week, and that was the second time I had tried doing the shoulder in/haunches in with Felina, so it was fun to hear all your tips….definitely going slower with her on everything! An exciting thing was that my equine chiropractor was just here, and I had been doing shoulder in/haunches in with my 23 yr old gelding Hank almost every day for about 3 weeks, and he said Hank was markedly less stiff, more pliable since our last session 8 weeks ago….he said it will sure help with Hanks hip/stifle issues, giving him more strength and mobility in the hind end—so YAY! His stifles locked a few years ago and we’ve been dealing with weakness there ever since, this is great!! Thank YOU! 

Barb Meikle

New Mexico, Barb Meikle Fine Art

 MaryAnn thanks much for your support , and knowledge.! I am pleased I invested in your coarse – I saved $$, frustrations and time in retraining both of us from unknown possible bad habits we could have created without this method of training . I am sure we will have our learning curves (what relationship doesn’t) but I am confident to let my horse know it was just that , and to move on and be better for “eachother”
Thanks for teaching me to do my part and allowing him to do his! We made it out under those deep blue skies! “Just the 2 of us” 💖Looking forward to a bright comfortable future!

Donna Marie Bromm


 Mary Ann Brewer you are a gift to all of us who want a true , clear and unbreakable connection with our horses ! I knew how badly I wanted it but I didn’t know how to get there ! And it’s happening every week with Rosie and me ! And it’s happening with you in New Jersey and me in Florida ! Thank you thank you thank you ! I love seeing everyone ‘s victories ❤️

Jill Fernandez Passarella

South Florida

In our first session, after a few minutes of watching us do a little groundwork, she said, “Take off his halter.” I thought she was nuts but did it anyway. Wow! What a world she opened up to me. Everything I thought I knew was taken away, yet I began having open communication with Jack in a way I had only dreamed off. It was a pivotal point for both of us.
I have since attended almost all of Mary Ann’s clinics and have her out to the barn when I am stuck or need of direction. I cannot recommend Mary Ann highly enough, especially if you are open to exploring a new way of thinking about your relationship with your horse.

Marcy Johanssen Volker


Prior to working with Mary Ann my horse was very worried and insecure. When something scared him, he would take off in a very dramatic fashion…blowing, head high, etc. He would even spook at his own farts! When we tried to train him under saddle, he bucked me off as well as another trainer. Today… 2 years later, he is a different horse and I am a different horseman.

Shari Kantor

Physical Therapist Assistant

Horsemanship does not come naturally to me but Mary Ann never makes me feel that i can not learn. She knows that I fear falling and getting hurt as I had a prior nasty spill when Jake bolted. She always manages to find a variety of ways to boost my confidence. She never rushes me. Mary Ann has been my trainer for about 2 years now. Yes, we now get Jake loaded into his trailer without a fuss. Jake and I have attended multiple clinics at her farm. I can now enjoy my horse instead of fear him. Mary Ann is constantly growing her horsemanship skills which she generously shares with me. Mary Ann also recommended an excellent farrier and now Jake’s feet are trimmed correctly, which has greatly contributed to our progress. Mary Ann is not just a great trainer. She is also a wonderful, gentle spirit. I feel so fortunate to have her enrich Jake’s and my life.

Elaine Lange

Nurse Practitioner