Learning to ride in lightness, harmony and bitless is the focus of this one day workshop.

Freestyle Riding Workshop

Riding Freestyle means – Leaving your reins alone, when not in use and riding your relationship

  • Riding with or without a bit
  • Riding with one rein
  • Riding with a neck rope
  • Riding with just your halter
  • Riding with 1 or two sticks and no reins
  • Riding with no equipment.

Of course, we don’t start here!  We establish a language and understanding on the ground and take it to our riding.
You’ll learn everything you need to know to help your horse understand to go, turn and stop using #RelationshipBasedHorsemanship. You’ll progress in your own time.  The only pre-requisite is this is you’ll want to bring a horse you can ride.

We’ll begin with groundwork. You’ll want a rope halter and 20ft. lead. If you need one you can purchase it here. All rope tack is not created equal. I DO NOT recommend trying to find it locally. If you’d like (not necessary) you can also purchase some clip on reins at this site. Do not purchase any bitless bridles or hackamores for this workshop.  We will only be using our rope halters or your normal bridles for riding.

Workshop Logistics:

June 16, 2019, 9AM-5 PM (Sunday)

Equine Assisted Therapy of NJ 32 Swedesbridge Rd
Mannington, NJ 08079
Indoor/outdoor arena
Plan to work out of your trailer. Bring your lunch and snacks.

Rider Tuition $200 use the button above

AuditorTuition $50 use the button above,