Harmony Workshop

Let’s create harmony with our horses in nature!

There is nowhere better to work on the finer points of riding and communication with our horses than in the peace and serenity of the pinebarrens of NJ.

We will work on getting in harmony with our horse’s feet either riding or on the ground; it’s your choice, no one has to ride. We will work on influencing the proper foot at the proper time to create riding that’s sexy! While we work on feel and timing, we will work on lightness in body, mind and spirit for riders and horses.


Every horse has it’s own unique movement..  

The trail gives us a great place to really spend enough time, going on long straight trails with sandy footing to really take the time it takes to feel what there is to feel in our horse’s movement.  This is a full day with our horses in nature in any weather that presents itself for our use and enjoyment. 


There are white sandy beaches with shallow water for us to splash around in with our horses. The water is cedar and safe to drink for horses. 

Whites Bog Village is located on Route 530 in Browns Mills, NJ 08015.

For you: Prepare Your lunch, snacks and beverages for the day, sunscreen and bug spray. All of your riding gear including rain gear.
For your horse: Lunch, a fly mask, I recommend the kind with ear covers and fly spray.
I recommend you bring a riding fly swisher
 that is usually made out of horse hair to swipe any stary flies from your horse. 



August 20, 2017 

8-9 am arrive, visit and  get settled
9-10:30 am lecture and simulations/demonstrations
11-1:00 practice out on the bogs, in the woods and in the water.
Lunch – back at the trailers
2-3 Lecture based on the morning’s accomplishment
3:30-5:30 Practice out on the bogs/ in the woods and in the water
5:30 – 6:00 complete back at the trailers


Total Cost $175. Use the
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Harmony Workshop Reviewers
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About Whites Bog’s Village
rowns Mills, NJ 08015

Whites Bog Village is a historic cranberry and blueberry village with active and inactive cranberry bogs.  The footing that we will be on is mostly sand with minor gravelly spots. There is a small general store in the village with things like jam and historic books and items.  There is no food available for sale.  There is an outhouse for our comfort.  The area for parking horse trailers is large and easy to pull in and out of.  This workshop is on a Saturday.  There will likely be people walking and enjoying the space with their dogs. There are no other events happening on July 1. You can click on this link for the Whites Bog Village Website. The people at the village are not associated in any way with this ride. If you need further information, email MaryAnn@MaryAnnBrewer.Com.

Lovely Whitesbog Ride
Angie Smiling
Group riding at Whitesbog