Innovative and Effective Learning Model For Professional Development

  High impact and meaningful experiences are used to transfer learnings
from the arena to the work environment.


How it works:
Creating objectives in an environment that is not familiar and, with other living beings that don’t respond to their verbal language, causes a challenge for the participants.

This gives them the opportunity to try as well as to experience new individual and team attitudes, and to rediscover and assess tools they can use at any time of need, and in different contexts.

Horse and Woman
advanced certified eagala logo

The Professionals at In the Company of Horses are all certified by the International Certifying Body EAGALA

It leaves you convinced!

The horses have a strong impact when they are seen for the first time in a free herd. When people realize what they are capable of doing; that they are able to move unknown animals, to communicate with them, to motivate and move them; In addition to saving hours of work, discussions, effort and money, then participants are totally convinced that making changes is possible. At the same time, it fosters the creation of endless metaphors with situations that in real life can be intimidating, that require more effort or that represent a challenge for us.


  Since ancient times some animals, more than others have caught the attention of the human being for different reasons.


The horses in particular were, for man, of great historical importance. Currently scientific research conducted in the United States and Europe prove more and more, their contributions for the benefit of man in the psychological area, repositioning them in a privileged place.

Groups of people and herds of horses have great similarities in the social aspect.

They have established roles within their herds, they are gregarious, in varying degrees, preferring to stay together rather than isolated.  They also have different personalities and attitudes. This gives us the opportunity to observe and evaluate their behavior and establish similarities with the human being.

The simple act of establishing a relationship with a horse influences people in incredibly powerful ways.

At the same time, that relationship  fosters the creation of endless metaphors with situations that in real life can be intimidating, that require more effort or that represent a challenge for us.

For all that the horse represents for us, as a symbol of strength and power, carrying out an activity that involves these animals gives us the opportunity to overcome fear and develop confidence, that is why Coaching with Horses is bringing big results.

Meet Our Team

Sterling and MaryAnn
John B Goedecke, Jr.
Mary Ann Brewer

Founder and President of In the Company of Horses Inc.  (2006) Graduate of  Horsemanship University in Pagosa Springs, Colorado (2005). Advanced Certified Equine Specialist (2006) through the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) and a mentor to other Equine Specialists who facilitate learning through horses.
Trained by TAAC to facilitate learning through horses for Professional Development.  Ms Brewer has presented her work at the EAGALA global conference both in the classroom setting and in the arena with horses to demonstrate the work to others.

 Past Board President and current Board Member of Equine Assisted Therapy of NJ 501(c)3 NonProfit Corporation. 

Ms. Brewer currently co-facilitates all the animal assisted therapy at Carrier Clinic in Belle Mead, NJ


Debra G Farber, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor in New Jersey. Master’s in Counseling from Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ. Master’s
in Communication and Information Studies from Rutgers University, New
Brunswick, NJ. Advance Certified by the Equine Assisted Growth
and Learning Association (EAGALA) and has served as a mentor to others in this
field. Specializing in equine-assisted therapy and learning since 2009 providing psychotherapy services to those with mental health issues (PTSD, addictions, depression, anxiety, grief, adjustment issues, and learning disabilities) and equine learning opportunities to corporate teams and nonprofit groups. Ms. Farber has presented her work at the EAGALA global conference both in the classroom setting and in the arena with horses to demonstrate the work to others.

John Goedecke Jr.

EAGALA certified Equine Specialist 2020

Residential Mortage Lending Officer U.S. Bank 2019 to date

Chemical Banc – PNC Mortgage, Bryn Mawr Trust Lending Officer and Market Sales Manager 1993-2019

President, Princeton Regional Chamber Foundation

Immediate Past Chair Princeton Mercer Chamber of Commerce

Board Member Chamber of Commerce 2015-2020

Chairman and Board Member Princeton Child Development Institute 2008-2014



MaryAnn had worked in conjunction with an organizational consultant to assist my group in team building. She helped design and facilitate several sessions that were creative, provided powerful and
useful insight and therefore were highly effective. In a short period of time we were able to get to the essence of team issues and develop solutions.
MaryAnn is highly effective and creative. She is also an absolute pleasure to work with and she has a way of pointing out opportunities in a positive light. I highly recommend MaryAnn.
Sandy Denarski

Vice President, General Manager -, Johnson and Johnson Finance Corporation

Working with MaryAnn increased my ability to work within a team. She has the ability to listen to many opinions and ideas and then decide on a course of action that will benefit any company. She
naturally lives in abundance and brings a positive energy in all that she does. Her passion,creativity,openmindedness,integrity,fairness and clarity make her an invaluable member/provider for any
person, group or organization. Her co-leadership in our company was outstanding. Her professionalism and creativity in starting programs, maintaining programs and marketing programs was and is exceptional.
Jeanne Mahoney RN, MS, NCC, LPC

Health Care for Homeless Veterans and Substance Use Disorder RN Specialist , Wilmington VA Medical Center

MaryAnn is a highly dedicated professional with a passion for her trade. She is able to involve her clients with a feeling that they are in the best possible place to be able to learn from her. She is
constantly improving her programs with hands on training and networking. She is always sharing her knowledge and doing so with a smile on her face.
Roger Smith

Natural Resource Manager Scientist, United States Air Force

Mary Ann is dedicated to helping horses and people seek solutions to problems that keep them from fulfilling their full potential. I have worked with Mary Ann as a horsemanship student, equine-assisted psychotherapy client, as well as an employee in her handicapped riding program. I have gained an incredible amount from all three experiences.
Working for Mary Ann at the Gloucester County DREAM park was the most satisfying teaching experience I have had as a therapeutic instructor. Her attention to safety, scheduling, horsemanship,
the rider’s needs, and of course, fun, made me feel at ease as an employee. Her professionalism has inspired me to be a better businesswoman myself.
Toni Teschner

Hoof Care Specialist at Heart and Sole Equine LLC, PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor