Liberty Workshop

MaryAnn Brewer

Liberty work with our horses begins at birth and is the most natural thing.

This video was taken in the Winter of 2017.   You see there are no sticks, no ropes and no roundpens, just tons of communication.

I spend my energy on being clear in my mental pictures, adding positive emotion and ignoring the behaviors I don’t want!

The core of this liberty workshop is helping us, the humans, get clear in our mind, body and emotions.

There is one pre-requisite for this workshop.  Read my free 16 page e-book on observation.

Liberty workshop

Register Today!  Space is Very Limited! 



Workshop Details:

July 28, 2019 9 AM- 5 PM $200. Tuition.
In the Company of Horses Inc.
240 Pointville Rd. Pemberton, NJ 08068

Bring your horse and your lunch.

Plan to work out of your trailer and expect to work on the grass field all day.  Bring your bugspray and sunscreen. If you need overnight stabling it is limited but available.

All horses will be online until it’s your turn for individual attention.  Everyone in this workshop will recieve personalized, individual attention.
We’ll work together as a group all day doing exercises that will support our liberty work!