My Story

Summer and MaryAnn on the beach

Changing Lives, One Relationship at a Time!

A Graceful Horse ~ Human Relationship

As light as a Want To!

Magnetize your horse-human relationship!
No whips, flags, round pens, intimidation, bribery, or showing ’em who’s boss ~ for the person who loves your horse most – YOU! The Every Day Horse Trainers!

Immerse yourself in your own development and live the dream that you got a horse for! This is about Personal Empowerment, Personal Development in your horsemanship.  Consensual Leadership with your horse creating a relationship where you can have fun, in peace and harmony with complete confidence!

We learn about, care about and focus on what’s important to you
What is important to your horse! 

Imagine – Never consulting another

YouTube video again because YOU are your

own problem solver! 

No Bits ~ No Shoes ~ No Ropes ~ No Worries!

Learn to work with the horse you have. 


Turn your horses No into a Yes!

Filled With Gratitude
Valentine and MaryAnn

It was in 2005 that I changed my whole life and went away to horsemanship school! 

I sold my business and rented out my farmhouse and hit the road, just my girl and me to fulfill a 10-year dream of spending all of my time “In the Company of Horses.” 

We set out from NJ (USA) just after my birthday in January and headed to Florida where we stayed at school until March.  We spent the end of March until the end of April traveling all along the Southern USA, climbing up into the San Juan Mountains of Colorado to begin University in May.  We finished the year of 2005 in Florida and were back home in NJ in time for Christmas.  It was an amazing year that I’m grateful for.  But truly, that was just the real beginning.  

It was when I came home that I truly put my learning in the hands of the horses. I also created In the Company of Horses Inc. A company created to provide equine-assisted learning experiences for people from all walks of life. I studied Ontology, (what is common to all human beings), for 6 years prior to horsemanship school. Combining this love with my love of horses, I partnered with Licensed Professional Counselors and for the next 13 years (until present) learned about horses and people directly from the horses and the people.  

I’ve come to believe that both horses and humans are fully equipped to find the answers to their own questions if the conditions are present for the confidence and ability to explore and experiment in complete freedom to know, there are no wrong answers. With the right kind of support, symptoms ease, confidence comes up, peace and results are experienced, and real joy come. I’ve learned this change can happen quickly and over distance for the last 4 years since beginning my online coaching business.    

Currently, I still love to help people and horses locally and travel for clinics.  Most of my horsemanship clients are now online, all over the USA. I also co-facilitate equine-assisted learning programs and I’m a mentor for other equine specialists.