My Story

Summer and MaryAnn on the beach

Changing Lives, One Relationship at a Time!

A Graceful Horse ~ Human Relationship
As light as a Want To!

Magnetize your horse – human relationship!
Beyond the equipment ~  Sharing Space ~ A Two Way Street of Communication ~ for Every Day Horse Trainers!

Immerse yourself in your own development and  live the dream that you got a horse for! This is about Personal Empowerment, Personal Development and Consensual Leadership with your horse creating a relationship where you can have fun, in peace and harmony with complete confidence!

We learn about, care about and focus on What is important to you
What is important to your horse! 


No Bits ~ No Shoes ~ No Ropes ~ No Worries!

Learn to work with your horse at liberty and on line
From groundwork through riding


Turn your horses No into a Yes!

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Work With Me!
The Dream I got into Horses For!

My Dreamy Horse