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In the Company of Horses
In the Company of Horses
S1:Ep:1 Asymmetry causes so much emotion!

    In the Company of Horses with Mary Ann Brewer, relationship based horsemanship, For the love of horses from A-Z.
Welcome to the Podcast

I’m your host and creator Mary Ann Brewer

[bctt tweet=”You know how your horse goes in one direction really well and the other, not so well? This is his natural asymmetry, and we are also naturally unbalanced. Combine imperfect horses and imperfect people and much emotion can surface! I’m here to help!” username=”ICOHinc”] I’m here to help! Enjoy the episode and be sure to leave a comment or ask a question!  I’ll answer you personally. If you want to learn more see  the work with me page  at Https://MaryAnnBrewer.Com

Join us for Season 1 Episode 2 (S:1 Ep::2) when we talk about Baby horses, colts and fillies from 1-4 years old. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!


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