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In the Company of Horses
In the Company of Horses
The Lessons of the Driveline! S1 Ep4

“Changing Lives, One Relationship at a Time”

Show Notes for “The Lessons of the Driveline” It may not be sexy but owning these lessons will make your horsemanship sexy!

                                        Sections of the Horse with Driveline.

Keep in mind this driveline is not in exactly the same place on every horse.  For most, it’s somewhere between where an necklace would naturally lay and sometimes including the shoulder.
In short, the way this usually works is, if you want your horse to go backward,  any type (types noted in the pod) of pressure in front of the driveline, your horse should go backward or sideways, only forward if that’s what you taught him.  If you put any type of pressure behind the driveline, your horse should go forward or sideways, unless you’ve taught him to move into pressure.

Moving into pressure is great if that’s what you want. Working from the ground with your horse from behind the driveline will expand your vocabulary both on the ground and while riding!

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