MaryAnn Brewer Changing Lives, One Relationship at a Time


Marcy with another of her horses – Georgie

Mary Ann has a gracious and calm way of instilling ideas and thoughts to both people and horses that is hard to find. She has for the better changed the way I am with horses. 6 months after I adopted my OTTB Jack, he was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia and was virtually un-rideable. It was really hard for me to accept what it meant for the long-term. I spent lots of time on the internet and met many trainers in hopes of finding not only a cure but a way for both of us to find a relationship despite Jack’s symptoms. It just continued to be a stressful, not emotionally uplifting for either of us. I started to try a few “natural horsemanship” trainers but found little relief. Then I met Mary Ann.
In our first session, after a few minutes of watching us do a little groundwork, she said, “Take off his halter.” I thought she was nuts but did it anyway. Wow! What a world she opened up to me. Everything I thought I knew was taken away, yet I began having open communication with Jack in a way I had only dreamed off. It was a pivotal point for both of us.
I have since attended almost all of Mary Ann’s clinics and have her out to the barn when I am stuck or need of direction. I cannot recommend Mary Ann highly enough, especially if you are open to exploring a new way of thinking about your relationship with your horse.

Marcy Volker


Shari and Halo

I have put off writing a testimonial for 2 years because what Mary Ann has done for me and my horse is beyond words. That said, I will try to translate. Simply put, Mary Ann has spearheaded a beginner horseman and young, green, worried, colt blossom into a confident, united, beautiful partnership. Prior to working with Mary Ann my horse was very worried and insecure. When something scared him, he would take off in a very dramatic fashion…blowing, head high, etc. He would even spook at his own farts! When we tried to train him under saddle, he bucked me off as well as another trainer. Today… 2 years later, he is a different horse and I am a different horseman.
He is a confident, solid, and happy riding horse. He loves to go on trails, play at liberty, play games on the ground, and hang out
with people. When he spooks, it is on a normal level like most horses. No more drama!
Mary Ann is a warm, caring, supportive trainer and friend. She is there for us WHENEVER we need her. Like I said earlier…it is hard to express my appreciation for having her in my life because she has helped and supported my horse in more ways than can be expressed in a few paragraphs. I now have a relationship with my horse that I always dreamed of.
Thank you Mary Ann xoxoxox

Shari Kantor

Physical Therapist Assistant

Char and Hollywood

Our lessons were such a gift to my relationship with my horse. All aspects of our relationship have expanded. She just pops in the trailer and we go! Themes emerged organically from each session always building on previous learning. I appreciate being guided and supported through all sorts of challenging obstacles both physical and metaphysical. Loving the experience and we’re not done yet!

Char Jennings

Retired Teacher

Debra and Parker aka “Yellow Brick Road”

The partnership available between me and my horse continues to expand and grow through the tutelage of Mary Ann Brewer of In the Company of Horses. She
shares her horsemanship expertise in a way that is easy to assimilate from idea to action. My feel and awareness around effective communication with my horse continues to evolve. One riding example of this evolution: having learned to form a clear intention for
a canter depart, I am able to have that departure with little other cues necessary. This is in contrast to previously needing spurs and a crop to have the same
response occur. In turn, this sort of connection creates confidence and trust between myself and my horse and enables us to be effective in numerous
settings and circumstances. Ms. Brewer’s horsemanship and people skills are excellent; and, joined together, result in a trainer who can transform anyone’s ability to ride and play with horses for fun or competition.

Debra G Farber

Licensed Professional Counselor

Jake waiting patiently in the trailer.

Jake, waiting patiently, in the trailer.

It was a serendipitous event when trainer extraordinaire, Mary Ann Brewer, came into my life. It happened innocently enough. No, she isn’t a super star in the horse world like Pat Parelli (although she trained with him), Chris Cox, or Clinton Anderson, to name a few. But
to me, she is in the same league. I became involved with horses in my 50s as a mother-daughter activity. When my daughter moved away, I looked for help in training my horse. I was excited to have gotten a spot in a Clinton Anderson clinic. I bought a trailer and had it
refurbished. I taught my horse, Jake, to load into the trailer, or so I thought. The day before the clinic, Jake had other ideas and refused to load into the trailer. I enlisted the help of two experienced horse people who were also unsuccessful. Needless to say, I
missed the clinic and forfeited the cost of the clinic. It was then that I solicited for help with trailer loading on Face Book. I received multiple replies, including a response from Mary Ann Brewer. I’m not sure why, but I chose to begin with her. We set up a meeting at my
farm. She spent the entire afternoon with me and Jake evaluating our relationship. I was very impressed with her observations and her patience with my clumsy learning.
Horsemanship does not come naturally to me but she never makes me feel that i can not learn. She knows that I fear falling and getting hurt as I had a prior nasty spill when Jake bolted. She always manages to find a variety of ways to boost my confidence. She never rushes me. Mary Ann has been my trainer for about 2 years now. Yes, we now get Jake loaded into his trailer without a fuss. Jake and I have attended multiple clinics at her farm. I can now enjoy my horse instead of fear him. Mary Ann is constantly growing her horsemanship skills which she generously shares with me. Mary Ann also recommended an excellent farrier and now Jake’s feet are trimmed correctly, which has greatly contributed to our progress. Mary Ann is not just a great trainer. She is also a wonderful, gentle spirit. I feel so fortunate to have her enrich Jake’s and my life.

Elaine Lang

Nurse Practitioner, Hospital

Lauren and Princess

I met Mary Ann through a friend when my horse was having issues trailer loading. A few months later when my horse started rearing under saddle I knew there was only one person to call! Princess and I have been working with Mary Ann for almost a year every week now! We have had many ups and downs, tears of frustration and happiness! Princess has come a long way from where we started and I have high hopes for our futures together with the help of Mary Ann! She has taught me to appreciate the little things and the slightest try, to let my Grinch heart grow, and that bulldozers aren’t red. And that moment when becoming a better horsewoman also makes you a better all-around person! I would love to thank Mary Ann for her friendship, leadership, and for sharing her knowledge with me to help Princess and I have a better relationship. PS: I never thought I’d be riding my racehorse in a rope

Lauren Wink

Anesthesiology Assistant , Hospital

Karen and Jack and Charles

I just completed a series of winter lessons with Mary Ann and I had a great time learning about horsemanship and “humanship” (myself)! I know my horses got a lot out of seeing me become a better leader and partner, by becoming clearer in my requests of what I ask of them, still have a lot more to learn and I am grateful to my to my friend and teacher for working in honesty with us.

Karen Shields

Retired School Teacher

“MaryAnn, I can not thank you enough. The knowledge you have and the passion you have for what you do just leaves me breathless. You not only speak their language but you get these horses body, and and soul. We will ever forget what you have done for us… and thru your gentle hands it’s shown that less is more. We will stay in touch always. Thank and God Bless. Hope, Jason and Lover Boy”

Jason and Hope Sewall

US Military

I found MaryAnn thru my farrier many years ago. I was desperately reaching out for help with a recent killpen rescue I had acquired thru the Another Chance 4 Horse’s broker program.
Annika was a 4 yo draft cross and had been traumatized so much that you could not even halter her without an explosion.
MaryAnn came and after only a week of sessions, Annika was a completely different horse. She also gave me the tools and instruction I needed to be able to continue working with Annika safely and with focus.
I cannot sing MaryAnn’s accolades enough. Because of her I have FUN with my horse and the relationship I have with Annika is not like any other I have ever had with ANY horse.

Lisa Drahorad

Simon and Schuster

Mary Ann is dedicated to helping horses and people seek solutions to problems that keep them from fulfilling thier full potential. I have worked with Mary Ann as a horsemanship student, equine assisted psychotherapy client, as well as an employee in her handicapped riding program. I have gained an incredible amount from all three experiences.

Working for Mary Ann at the Gloucester County DREAM park was the most satisfying teaching experience I have had as a therapeutic instructor. Her attention to safety, sceduling, horsemanship, the riders needs, and of course, fun, made me feel at ease as an employee. Her professionalism has inspired me to be a better business woman myself.

Antonia Teschner

Equine Specialist, Heart and Sole Equine

Maryanne had worked in conjunction with an organizational consultant to assist my group in team building. She helped design and facilitate several sessions that were creative, provided powerful and useful insight and therefore were highly effective. In a short period of time we were able to get to the essence of team issues and develop solutions.

Maryanne is highly effective and creative. She is also an absolute pleasure to work with and she has a way of pointing out opportunities in a positive light. I highly recommend Maryanne.

Sandy Denarski

VP and General Manager Johnson and Johnson Finance Corporation

MaryAnn”s training gave Gemma (my horse) and I the tools to develop a relationship of trust and true partnership. This is also what MaryAnn lives and fosters in all of her relationships, whether they be human to human, or human to equine! She has such a wonderful understanding of equine “language” and is able to effectively teach how we can communicate with our horses using their language. She is truly an expert on Natural Horsemanship.
She is a pleasure to be around, as trainer and friend!

Laurel Septer

Sr. Project Manager, Cooper University Hospital

MaryAnn is a highly dedicated professional with a passion for her trade. She is able to involve her clients with a feeling that they are in the best possible place to be able to learn from her. She is constantly improving her programs with hands on training and networking. She is always sharing her knowledge and doing so with a smile on her face.

Roger Smith

Natuarl Resource Manager, Scientist, , United States Air Force

MaryAnn has proven to be a creative executive director of a non-profit organization wholly committed to providing her clients the best services possible. She develops tremendous programs and sees that her plans come to fruition. Her approach is businesslike with compassion. It is an honor to be associated with MaryAnn.

Susannah Kavanaugh, MA, MBA

Family Therapist, Dynamic Family Therapy

Working with MaryAnn increased my ability to work within a team. She has the ability to listen to many opinions and ideas and then decide on a course of action that will benefit any company. She naturally lives in abundance and brings a positive energy in all that she does. Her passion,creativity,openmindedness,integrity,fairness and clarity make her an invaluable member/provider for any person, group or organization. Her co-leadership in our company was outstanding. Her professionalism and creativity in starting programs, maintaining programs and marketing programs was and is exceptional.

Jeanne Mahoney LPC, RN

Mental Health Therapist, Connected Experiences

Mary Ann Brewer Changing Lives, One Relationship at a Time