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Here's What Our Clients Have To Say...

A Gift To My Relationship...

Our lessons were such a gift to my relationship with my horse. All aspects of our relationship have expanded. She just pops in the trailer and we go! Themes emerged organically from each session always building on previous learning. I appreciate being guided and supported through all sorts of challenging obstacles both physical and metaphysical. Loving the experience and we’re not done yet! Char Jennings Retired Teacher.

- Char and Hollywood

In a way I had only dreamed of...  

Mary Ann has a gracious and calm way of instilling ideas and thoughts to both people and horses that is hard to find. She has for the better changed the way I am with horse. Wow! What a world she opened up to me. Everything I thought I knew was taken away, yet I began having open communication with Jack in a way I had only dreamed of. It was a pivotal point for both of us. Marcy VolkerActuary  

- Marcy and Jack

The tools to develop a relationship of trust and true partnership.

Mary Ann's training gave Gemma (my horse) and I the tools to develop a relationship of trust and true partnership. This is also what Mary Ann lives and fosters in all of her relationships, whether they be human to human, or human to equine! She has such a wonderful understanding of equine language and is able to effectively teach how we can communicate with our horses using their language. She is truly an expert on Natural Horsemanship. She is a pleasure to be around, as trainer and friend! Laurel Septer Sr. Project Manager, Cooper University Hospital  

- Laurel and Gemma

After only one week, Annika was a different horse.

I found Mary Ann thru my farrier many years ago. I was desperately reaching out for help with a recent killpen rescue I had acquired thru the Another Chance 4 Horse’s broker program. Annika was a 4 y/o draft cross and had been traumatized so much that you could not even halter her without an explosion. Mary Ann came and after only a week of sessions, Annika was a completely different horse. She also gave me the tools and instruction I needed to be able to continue working with Annika safely and with focus. I cannot sing MaryAnn’s accolades enough. Because of her I have FUN with my horse and the relationship I have with Annika is not like any other I have ever had with ANY horse. Lisa DrahoradSimon and Schuster  

- Lisa and Annika

A confident united, beautiful partnership.

Simply put, Mary Ann has spearheaded a beginner horseman and young, green, worried, colt blossom into a confident, united, beautiful partnership. Prior to working with Mary Ann my horse was very worried and insecure. When something scared him, he would take off in a very dramatic fashion… blowing, head high, etc. He would even spook at his own farts! He is a confident, solid, and happy riding horse. He loves to go on trails, play at liberty, play games on the ground, and hang outwith people. When he spooks, it is on a normal level like most horses. No more drama! Mary Ann is a warm, caring, supportive trainer and friend. She is there for us WHENEVER we need her. Like I said earlier… It is hard to express my appreciation for having her in my life because she has helped and supported my horse in more ways than can be expressed in a few paragraphs. I now have a relationship with my horse that I always dreamed of. Shari and HaloPhysical Therapist Assistant.  

- Shari and Halo

Horsemanship Expertise that is easy to assimilate from idea to action.

The partnership available between me and my horse continues to expand and grow through the tutelage of Mary Ann Brewer of In the Company of Horses. She shares her horsemanship expertise in a way that is easy to assimilate from idea to action. My feel and awareness around effective communication with my horse continues to evolve. One riding example of this evolution: having learned to form a clear intention fora canter depart, I am able to have that departure with little other cues necessary. This is in contrast to previously needing spurs and a crop to have the sameresponse occur. In turn, this sort of connection creates confidence and trust between myself and my horse and enables us to be effective in numeroussettings and circumstances. Ms. Brewer’s horsemanship and people skills are excellent; and, joined together, result in a trainer who can transform anyone’s ability to ride and play with horses for fun or competition. Debra G FarberLicensed Professional Counselor  

- Debra and Parker