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Your Laboratory
3 Principles


Keep in mind you’re always teaching your horse about you, so let’s get clear on who you are and who you want to be.

Action steps:

1.) Make your “sign” and post it in the facebook group.
Also send an email to MaryAnn@MaryAnnBrewer.Com and tell me how you picked those words and why and what does it look like in your horses’s world.
2.) Post your sign on your bathroom mirror and hang one in your barn or tack room, someplace you will see it.
3.) Post your distinctions to today’s training in the Facebook group.  What did you learn, what are your takeaways.  The more you think about, write about, talk about and share about a learning, the deeper the learning will anchor in your thinking.  ,
4.) Ask questions – Bring them to the Q&A on Thursday.  As always, bring any video you want coaching on.