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A Warm Welcome to you and your horses!

Congratulations on investing in yourself.  The information you are about to absorb, while comprehensive,  will only begin here over these next few months.  This will serve as a foundation for you to think from.  As you continue your horsemanship journey, you will broaden, deepen and widen what you learn here. Keep in mind, you have forever access to these modules.  I recommend you come back and re-visit these lessons often.

First things first! This week take the time to get yourself organized.  We will be covering a lot of information over the next 12 weeks.  Help yourself this week by preparing and organizing.

Preparations for success!
Help yourself by being organized from the start.  You’ll want to create a 3 ring binder so you can take notes, print these lessons if you like and journal about your course. You’re going to want to keep track of :

  • Your successes by creating a gratitude journal.
    • No matter how small or large, get used to celebrating all things around your horsemanship.
    • Gratitude begets things to be grateful for!
  • Your insights
  • Your observations
    This is important because you’re going to want to see where you are at the start and celebrate all of the changes, large and small along the way.

Clearing and Cleaning Out your Space

Now it’s time to get ready to make space in your new life with your horse. Every little exercise in this section is important. But it is up to you to pick and choose which areas of your life need to be up-leveled before you can truly begin to build anew and live your dream with your horse.

Look at this exercise as a time, confidence, and joy builder. Make it fun and reap the rewards!

By cleaning up, organizing, completing, selling, purchasing, canceling, or otherwise addressing these areas of your life, you will have more mental power to focus on what’s’ ahead of you. Your mental space and energy will be greater, your emotional well being will be improved, you will feel more supported, and powerfully under control. This is a critical step in the process, so don’t skip it or cut it short.

Consider areas and identify things that need to be:

  • Cleaned up
  • De-cluttered
  • Re-organized
  • Purchased
  • Sold
  • Fixed
  • Completed
  • Cancelled

Clear Your Fears

Every single one of us has fears and memories around success and failures. Every time you are at a new plateau, likely these fears will come up again.  You must de-clutter these fears and memories. The two that I find to be the strongest are past memories and experiences around success and actually deserving to live your dream every day.

The following exercise is for your use, it may be done as you like and doesn’t have to be shared.

  • Take some time to make a list (ideally written down) of any memory you have about success or failure. These could be:
    • your parents telling you-you couldn’t do something when you were young,
    • that time you threw your hat over the wall and it didn’t turn out,
    • trying out for a team and not being picked,
    • being passed over for a raise at a job,
    • horse shows where you worked really hard and didn’t get rewarded,
    • or that time you won first place in a class of one, etc.
    • And limiting beliefs that sound like,  I have to ABC before I can XYZ.  Let them flow out of you.
  • Then go through each of the memories, let yourself feel it (no need to dwell and no worries you’re not manifesting more of this, you’re letting it go) and then say:
    “I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, thank you” And then let it go. ( Ho’Oponopono Meditation )


    if you write your whole fear story and read it aloud until you are sick of it, and then read it out loud to another person. The job of the other person is to listen, no commenting, no speaking, just listen, until you are sick of your story.  This is the absolute quickest way to eliminate any story forever!

Repeat this exercise with your list of any fears you have about horses:

  • horses are dangerous,
  • I need to show them who is boss,
  • I can’t …….,
  • my horse can/can’t/is ……… etc.)

If we are honest, these lists can get quite long.

• Repeat this exercise with any fears you have about being different or successful :

  • my friends will think of me differently,
  • my barn mates will have opinions
  • my partner will not support my dream journey with my horse,
  • people will think I’m stuck up and pretentious if I don’t do what they do,
  • people will gossip about and judge me, etc.

When we get really clear about these things and actually write them down, soon enough, they no longer have a hold on us!  Enjoy the new sense of peace knowing that your past fears and beliefs are no longer affecting your probable, almost certain future with your horse or anywhere else!

Welcome Your Dream Horse Relationship Into Your Life!

When you’re just starting to create and cultivate your dream horse relationship mindset, to build momentum,  you must practice at least 20 min a day of positive consciousness. I recommend doing this by surrounding yourself with the beliefs that you want to believe with visualization, journaling, draw, doodle, create a vision board or make a Pinterest board. You are seeding your sub-conscious mind.
Feel free to share this with the FB Group! It will be inspiring to others.  Sharing makes it all real.

In vivid detail – What are you looking to accomplish by the end of the program? Be specific. Write about your horsemanship, your impact on others, your impact on your life, your horse’s life and all the horses you will influence forever. The clearer this is for you the more likely you will achieve your intended outcome.