Trail riding

Trail Riding Workshop

Trail Riding Workshop
Sept. 7&8 2019
Learn to be safe and have fun with your horse on the trail!
Even if it’s not that way now.

In the Company of Horses 

240 Pointville Rd.
Pemberton, NJ 08068

Trail Riding
Here is what you will learn in this workshop! 

We’ll start on Saturday in the fenced arena at In the Company of Horses.  Here we will learn:

  • Groundwork that connects your horse to you.
  • Emergency dismounting
  • Techniques for identifying and mounting from any safe place.
  • We will make sure everyone has safe equipment for a long trail ride.
  • We’ll learn to influence the herd instead of only being influenced by the herd. This is also known as social intelligence.
  • Riding techniques that keep your horse safe from others and other horses safe from yours.
  • We will meet on the trail on Sunday morning for a full day of putting in action all of the learning from Saturday.
  • Including helping every horse be comfortable in the lead, in the middle or last in the herd.
  • Every horse will get comfortable being with their human even when other horses pass.
Here is what you’ll need for the workshop.
  • A rideable horse.  Your horse does not need to have experience on the trail but you must be able to ride the horse.
  • A well fitted saddle and tack you are comfortable with.
  • A fly mask with ear covers for your horse.
  • Lunch for your horse.  Water is available in both locations.
  • Fly spray that works and I recommend some sort of fly swatter, mine is made from horse hair.  I have seen some lovely improvised flyswatters!
  • Shoes are not necessary in either location.
  • Bring your lunch, snacks and beverages, there won’t be time to go out.
  • Sunscreen and bug spray for yourself and a hat for sunshine
  • Rain gear, we will be outside in all weather except lightning.
  • Comfortable riding clothes and shoes for groundwork.
  • Whatever riding gear you are comfortable with.
Here is all of the Registration Informations!

The full cost for the trail riding workshop is $300. If you need overnight stabling email
se the pay pal button to pay with credit card or your email address. No account is necessary.

Do you need a place to stay?  We have an Airbnb here on the property! There are two double beds, and a full kitchen kitchen.  

Click on the link below:

Have a look and book directly with airbnb! 

Here’s What People Are Saying!

 The workshop addressed all my concerns such as:

  • having my horse going at the gait I wanted rather than whatever gait other trail riders chose (no jigging to catch up);
  • being able to have him confidently be either the leader of a group along the trail, the last horse or anywhere in-between;
  • maintaining a rider/horse sense of well being in the presence of a worried or energetic other rider/horse team in the group.


The In the Company of Horses Trail Riding Workshop was fun!

Happy trails thanks to Mary Ann Brewer, In the Company of Horses.

I left with skills and confidence in all my areas of concern as well as other areas like:

  • an ability to dismount and get back on anywhere along the trail;
  • gaining a sense of when and how my horse is managing himself within a herd; and,
  • growing our relationship as a rider/horse team simultaneously to being part of a larger group.