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For the Love of Horses™

For  some of us, horse ownership has been a dream since childhood!  Now that it is a reality, what does your dream horse relationship look like?  Are you lying in a big field of grass napping together or are you galloping on the beach bridle-less? Maybe it’s a trail ride around your property or maybe going to the horse show or the Olympics! Maybe; you don’t ride at all.  Allow yourself to remember what you thought it would be like.  What did you picture when you finally got your horse –  this horse?

Is that the life you’re living with your horse now?

Immerse yourself in your own development and magnetize your horse!

 You, are your horse’s every day horse trainer!  

  • It’s your relationship that matters to you and your horse!  
  • You should have the relationship , you want with your horse
  • This is your dream and it’s yours for the taking.  

You get to decide what you want your horse to know about you..

In every interaction with our horses, we’re teaching them about what is important to us! 

So, what has your horse learned?  

  • Does he step into your space or push on you?  
  • When he gets worried about something else and spooks, do you feel unsafe?
  • Does your horse pull on the halter and lead rope, lunge line or reins? 

When you ride, 

  • Do you have to ‘keep him going’ or ‘hold him back’?
  • Does he dive for the grass and pull on you?  
  • Is he spooky? Is your horse barn sour or buddy sour?  

We work in consensual leadership. that means, we share leadership, with our horses, because we care .

Be the best YOU can be.

The Reality Is: You need the mindset and physical skills to become your own everyday horse trainer and problem solver!! If I can do it, so can you! And I have 7 amazingly brave and connected horses, who can go everywhere with each other or just me!

The Freedom to Explore What’s Possible!

 What if,

  • Your relationship was based on mutual communication, instead of rules? 
  • You groom your horse in the barn aisle, and dropped his rope on the floor and he stood there and waited until you were done?
  • You tied him to the hitching rail while you have lunch? 
  • When you went to load your horse into the trailer, you just stood outside, gestured to your horse and he hopped in?
  • Your horse responded to your light suggestion to come or go and no equipment was necessary?
  • Just the two of you could take a walk and be as connected as you and your friend, no calling for his friends or rushing back home?
  • You could lay your lead rope on the ground while your horse grazes and you would not need to worry about him stepping on the rope and freaking out?
  • When you feed him, he backs up and waits for you to put his food in his bowl and then asks your permission to eat it?

  • While riding, your horse takes on the responsibility of maintaining gait? It’s his job, not yours!
  • Your horse took the responsibility of keeping slack in the lead rope? Imagine if you and he never pulled on or pushed on each other, or if he didn’t walk in circles around you but just walked beside you, going where you want to go. What would that be like?
  • You could pick up and clean all four of your horses’ feet from one side while he holds them up for you?
  • You could mount and dismount from both sides, with or without the assistance of a mounting block, from anywhere?
  • You don’t want to ride your horse but you still want a rich full life together?

I’m Mary Ann Brewer a horsemanship coach who specializes in Relationship Based Horsemanship.

I Love making a difference every day, creating well adjusted, calm and happy horses and people who spend time in their company.

My own 27 year journey to this place took time and trial and error and I have so many ways to help people and horses skip over these painful and sometimes heart breaking experiences.

What excites me most is, working inside of principles instead of rules, creating opportunity for free flowing improvisation, fun and even art inside of graceful relationships with these beings, that our dreams are made of!

Every horse and human combination are unique and that is what I love! Supporting every relationship to become harmonious and graceful, your special version of living and moving art. 

1998,  I began a ten-year study into what is common to all people. I learned, we all have long held conversations that become our ways of being. Those conversations, or beliefs, get in the way of having what we want in life. 

Common conversations like, “I should, ___ because…” or “I can’t___ because___,” –  “ I have to___”; “I’m not_____ (good enough, fit enough, smart enough, athletic enough, lucky enough, rich enough), “I don’t have time to… .”

When you see and address these conversations,  They begin to disappear. Then, it is easy to be who your horse needs you to be, authentically. You aren’t pretending, you’re clear about things. And, the best part is we can learn all of these things through the horses!

Having the right mindset is the bedrock of a deep unbreakable bond with your horse.

Choosing to work with me online, to realize your dream is a gift worth giving to yourself and your horse today! For the Love of Horses™,  is a one-of-a-kind coaching relationship.  

In love for 25 years and going strong!

Imagine ~ you and your horse:

Two Fully Empowered, Critical Thinkers with Problem Solving Skills Who are Safe and Having Fun, Completely Connected with Peace and Confidence!

Many people have told me, before we met and worked together, they never imagined they could have the relationship with their horses that they have now!


I boost self-confidence and self-esteem because magnetizing your horses requires a mind-shift.  

We’ll work together to re-write your common conversations that block abundance and the experience of relatedness in your long-term success with your horse. 


I’ll show you everything I know and I’m 100% transparent. I truly believe that if I can do it, you can do it too!


During the program, I’m your biggest supporter and trusted confidante. I’ll be there: 

for you during discovery calls, through video coaching, during our weekly Q&A calls and during our video lessons also through email and text support.  


Think of me as more than a coach. While you’re implementing this program, I’ll act as your horsemanship friend and partner. I keep you at the top of my mind and truly take a vested interest in your success.

See some of the key weekly lessons below. As you work with your horse you’ll accomplish these lessons.  As your personal coach, I’ll support and guide you every week! 

Stop the suffering and start living the dream you got a horse for!!! Picture yourself and your horse three months from now living your dream!!! 


Laptop, desktop, smart device.

Clearly written text lessons each week that include diagrams, photos and videos to demonstrate techniques.  Each weekly lesson comes with assignments or video that can be submitted for discussion and trouble shooting. This is a valuable part of succsfully excelling in For the Love of Horses ™

Key Lessons

  • True communication with your horse. The conversation.
  • Clean observation
  • Understanding and sharing space
  • Consensual Leadership
  • Light as a want to!

Key Lessons

  • Faith ~ assuming and encouraging his good will
  • Improv!
  • Creating and sharing mental pictures and feelings
  • Courage – Confidence and other productive emotions
  • Control your physicality and body language

Key Lessons

  • From No to Yes – Understanding rewards
  • Understanding thresholds
  • Sharing space and working close at all gates.
  • Beyond the tools and equipment
  • Principles instead of rules

Key Lessons

  • Liberty – in large spaces
  • Magnetize your horse
  • Progress – now
  • Harmony and creativity
  • Goal Setting – The Myth and the Mystery.
  • Results with Grace

Book a Discovery Call today! Let’s see if this program is a fit for you and your horse! 

Mary Ann is a skilled horsewoman with a passion for building
relationships with people and horses alike. She has a strong work
ethic and provides valuable and meaningful services to her clients.

Diane Baker

Owner and Lead Instructor, Majoda Stables

“Vinny and I worked on the threshold method on the ground today, outside my comfort zone. We did great. I honestly admit and accept it’s all me. If we had to stop…it was not because he was anxious….it was because I was anxious. After I did the relaxation method you suggested…we moved forward. My goal was to walk Vinny 1/2 way down the short end of the hayfield and back. We did so great..we walked 1/2 way down the middle of the hayfield also. There were even a few times he would lift his head up from grazing and look into my eyes as if to say…thank you. Another great day of progress.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!”

Holly Craig


Our lessons were such a gift to my relationship with my horse. All aspects of our relationship have expanded. She just pops in the trailer and we go! Themes emerged organically from each session always building on previous learning. I appreciate being guided and supported through all sorts of challenging obstacles both physical and metaphysical. Loving the experience and we’re not done yet!

Char Jennings

Retired Teacher

Holly Craig


“Mary Ann has a gracious and calm way of instilling ideas and thoughts to both people and horses that is hard to find. She has for the better changed the way I am with horses…”
“Wow! What a world she opened up to me. Everything I thought I knew was taken away, yet I began having open communication with Jack in a way I had only dreamed of. It was a pivotal point for both of us.”

Marcy Volker


You’re the right person 
“For the Love of Horses™”  Program  if:

  • You’re ready to make the 5 shifts to an Unbreakable Bond With Your Horse! 
  • You know that what you’re doing right now isn’t working or working as well as you like. 
  • You’re tired of buying gadgets like bits, whips, spurs, tie downs and special tie rings, that promise THE FIX
  • You’re an actiontaker.  
  • You’re coachable
  • Your’re resourceful.
  • You know you are your’re horse’s everyday horse trainer. 

You’re probably not ready “For the Love of Horses™” Program  if:

  • You’re not open to new ways of thinking.
  • Your gadgets work good enough and you’re not interested in mindset strategies that can take their place.
  • You don’t mind lunging your horse for 30 minutes before you can ride. 
  • Things aren’t great but they are good enough. 
  • You are happy to hire someone else to train and ride your horse and have a relationship with your horse that’s flourishing.




  • I’ve spent more than $100,000 on my equine education.
  • I’ve participated in almost 100 horsemanship clinics with my horses and even sold my business and rented out my house to go away to horsemanship school for an entire year.  Since 2005 I’ve been helping my clients create that unbreakable bond with thier horses. A true two way street of communication! And since 2016, I’ve been coaching horse-lovers online, all over the world! 
  • In addition, I’ve spent 10 years studying human’s “being.”


It’s the combination of these studies that has positioned me uniquely to help you reach your goals. 


  • Since 2006 I’ve been co-facilitating, along with my horses and mental health professionals, equine-assisted learning sessions with more than 15,000 individuals and groups of people from all walks of life. I’m helping them live lives they love!
  •  I am certified by the equine assisted growth and learning association as a mentor for other equine specialists.


I’m only one woman and I believe in giving myself fully. 





Let’s get on the phone and get them answered!

It doesn’t matter what discipline you practice because Horses are horses and that’s a universal truth.. You can create that unbreakable bond with your horse and live the dream you got this horse for! There is absolutely no reason it’s not possible..” Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! 

Love,  MaryAnn